Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brando and Kim

Brando, our nephew, loves to play Wii Sport with Kim every time he comes to visit us. Actually, we are his most trusted babysitters every time his mom and dad want to go out for a fine dinner. And they love to go out for a good dinner a lot. I love babysitting my cute nephew, and love it even more sending him back to his parents. I have no complaint. And the way he asks me: " Auntie Leila, what are the sticks for ?" seeing me knitting is just make me want to laugh. He is so cute and super smart and has good memory. He remembers exactly where I keep his favorite cookies.

I always feel guilty that I have not knitted yet for Kim or Brando, something really nice. My good excuse besides not having enough time is: Kim is hard to please and Brando is growing so quick. Well, one day, I have to start knitting something for them. Now, I love to watch them play together while I knit, still not anything for either of them yet, every time Brando comes to our place.

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