Monday, October 26, 2009

The First Page

I love colors, but I can not paint. Knitting allows me to play with colors without making a mess or a fool of myself. Where else in life, can mistakes be undone?
I also love to take pictures of my knits and a few extra things in a quiet knitter's life.
I'm so blessed to have a beautiful daughter who still wants to wear some of my knits and be the lovely model for most of my knitted pieces.
I'm also so lucky to have a wonderful husband who asked me the other day if I want him to build shelves for my ever growing stash of hand dyed silky merino yarns, even though he never fully understands my stringy obsession.
I'd like to think every single sweater that I knit is like a flower in my knitting garden. Loop by loop, knit or purl, day after day, my garden grows.


  1. Dear Leila:
    Loooooove your blog! so impressed with your knitting! omg the sweaters look so beautiful with Sarah and you being the models... My fav one? ...the green juliet is so elegant, the St. James blue is so gorgeous...It's difficult to pick just one :-)
    Wish your knitting garden grow more with beautiful sweaters...


  2. Thank you, sweet sister! Juliet is my favourite one, too.
    I'm happy you like my knits. ^_^