Monday, November 30, 2009

A Colorful Obsession

Green Tourmaline...
I used Country Classics Dyes Mountain Aqua and China Jade for this colorway. I dipped the yarn first in hot Mountain Aqua dye bath for 5 mins, removed it from the pot, then dipped it in lukewarm China Jade dye bath for 10 mins.

Vanda Orchid...
I always love brown and purple. Thinking how to put them together in one colorway, I dipped the yarn first in hot Spring Violet dye bath, than pour in Chestnut dye solution in different spots of the pot and let the bath simmer for 15mins. The colors in these two skeins are lightly different, one has more brown than the other. I may use them for two different knitting projects or just knit them alternately on one.

I really had lots of fun dyeing today.

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