Wednesday, November 04, 2009

November Sun

We've been so lucky having quite a few gorgeous sunny days early this November.
The bright natural sunlight flooding through my bedroom windows this morning helped me catch this happy hue of my newly hand dyed yarn I just did yesterday after work. Crazy me!
I'm surprised with how fast, simple and clean it is the whole process of hand dyeing. I left no mess behind in my kitchen. Yay!


  1. yellow is not my fave but this is definitely a NICE colour.

  2. Thank you, Jackie. I rarely wear anything yellow in real life, either. I guest it's such a happy color and I'm never too happy to wear one ^_^. I just love to play with it. Maybe I will knit some socks which I have not tried yet and wear them inside my winter boots.

  3. hey, that will be great ! a bright easy pair of socks - great idea.

  4. Yeah! And knee-high, too, so they would be