Monday, November 02, 2009

Playing with Colors

I display these skeins of yarn proudly on the coffee table in our family room. It's my today's work, sorry, play. I was playing all day with my knits and my yarns. Lucky me. How was the weather out there ?

I know it's not perfect and it's not exactly the colorway I had in mind, but this is my first hand-dyed yarn ever. In real life, it's quite pretty, believe me! It's Juicy Mauve. I made the dye bath with blueberry and pomegranate juice.

This is Ceylon Tea. And obviously, I used ceylon tea to dye this yarn. It's in the same yarn base with Juicy Mauve, which is Elann Superwash Merino sock.

I dyed Not So Red this morning right after receiving KnitPicks parcel. The yarn is KnitPicks Superwash Merino worsted. Dye power is Red from Three Irish Girls. I used my portable electric heater to speed up the drying process. Can't wait for any daylight to take better pictures.

Got to think of something to make with these yarns.

I know I'm pretty insane!


  1. great colour. cant wait to see the finished project.

  2. Love the ceylon tea--what a beautiful color!

  3. Thank you, my friends! Now that I'm busy with dyeing yarns, I don't really have time to knit...:-(