Sunday, November 08, 2009


My sixth attempt at hand dyeing yarns. I dipped the yarn into violet, then teal dyebath.
It's still wet. Love to see how the colors turn out.
My Sunday blue has gone. I'm so excited.
Kim said I was like a witch doctor with her colored brew.
So mean!


  1. Thank you so much, Jackie! Your kind words encourage me not to be afraid of making more mess in my kitchen ^_^

  2. g o r g e o s !
    Well, if you keep producing yarns like that you'll have to call them something like Ewe Witch and sell them to me!

  3. or Dye Ewe Witch.
    Sorry... getting carried away... lol

  4. I like Dye Ewe Witch. Very intense. Wait until I sharpen my skill in dyeing, I will send my yarns to you as gift if you like ^_^.

  5. i hear that....Dye Ewe Wtich and the gift..LOL

  6. Jackie, give me some better suggestion for my yarn's brand name, please!^_^

  7. My favourite of all is green, my daughter has a soft toy that she has since young, calls Greenie. It's a childish name but i love it cos it reminds me of her toddler years and she is a 11year old.