Monday, August 02, 2010

It Was a Good Sunday

In the morning, I played with yarn dying again. I have stocked a big box of Wool2dye4CashSock MCN. My plan is to dye them one skein at a time to knit small shawls only.
Using Country Classic dye in "purple rain", I made a dye bath with one tsp full of dye powder. There were quite a few white spots where I tied the skein. I hand brushed the dye right onto the spots, then wrapped the skein in plastic wrap and steamed it for almost an hour. This is what I've accomplished, a beautiful skein of soft and really deep purple yarn. So happy! I called it "Purple Rain".

purple rain

In the evening, my super cute nephew, Brando, came to play with us, so that his mom and dad could have a movie date on his dad's birthday. He's a really sweet boy. He loves my camera, and the camera loves him back. I took lots of close-up photo.

One minute, he was thoughtful, daydreaming


The next minute, playful, mischievous


How can I not adore him so much, my super cute nephew, Brando.

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