Monday, August 16, 2010

My Golden Flamboyan

This is not the first time I knit Flamboyan. The first one I frogged just right after I finished 15 inches of its length. I didn't like my choice of colors. Putting it aside, I started to knit Azzu with the beautiful skein of Hand Maiden Casbah Amethyst. Amethyst Azzu is still needed to be blocked. As soon as the blocking kit I ordered from KnitPicks arrive, I will do that.

These skeins of 50/50 silk sock are the first ones that have been winded properly by me using a ball winder. They look so neat and professional and much better than any manually winded skein of yarn I did before, being so proud and stubborn in thinking that I must hand made every single knitting project from start to finish, by hand winding thousands and thousands yards of yarn for the last two years.

My Own Hand Dyed 50/50 Silk Sock: Antique Gold and Gold

I should still feel very proud of the fact that I hand-dyed these skeins of yarn by myself. "Antique Gold" and "Gold" look really pretty and rich in real life with the subtle silky sheen in golden hue. I didn't know exactly how the colors would look like at the end in any of my hand-dyeing play. I could guess, but the result is always a surprise, sometimes stunning and sometimes...blah..., sometimes "Yes!" and sometimes "What!". And that's what keeps me want to come back to play with yarn and color again and again.

For " Antique Gold", after being quite satisfied with "Gold", I added Quick Silver into the dye bath, and used dry yarn instead of wet one. I love both colors but never thought that I would use them in the same project. Now, here they long lost sisters, happy together in my Flamboyan. I'm not going to rush to finish this one. I'm enjoying knitting this interesting shawl stitch by stitch with my own hand-dyed skeins of yarn. There are lots of mistake, missed spots and red dots, but to me, they are perfect, my golden skeins of yarn.

Golden Flamboyan


  1. wow, you should be proud- those yarns are gorgeous!!

  2. I think they are a beautiful match together.

  3. Just like an intricate piece of jewelry - they looks so gorgeous together. Can`t wait to see this one progress!

  4. These are a real success! They would be great standing alone but are just beautiful together!