Sunday, August 08, 2010

My Kind of Sunday

This is the kind of Sunday I like to have. We all stayed home doing nothing extraordinary most of the day. In the morning, Kim drove me to the farm market to buy lots of fruits and veggies. Than we had lunch together at home with Sarah. Kim played game on his computer. Sarah studied for her final exam. I dyed yarn, lots of yarn, while finishing the laundry and checking Ravelry. We decided to go out for dinner. Then, the day became extraordinary. For the first time ever, neither Kim or I was on the driver seat. I even had to sit at the back. Guess who was driving Mr and Mrs. Dao, our dear daughter, Sarah, for the first ever time. My hand was a bit shaky taking this photo with my iphone...

on the driver seat

I had to admit it was an extremely smooth ride. She did a perfect parallel parking, something that I did only once when taking the driving test a long time ago. My daughter has really grown up.


  1. awww. How old is Sarah now?


  2. You once wrote: "It's nice to have a daughter. She always reminds you of the younger you..." - well said, Leila!

    So this is what it's like watching her grow up, not without mixed feelings...

    ~ Tuong-Vy Nguyen ~