Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Good Yarn Day

I placed a custom order with Kirsten at Skein for three skeins of Night Owl on Merino/Silk Sport for Heidi's Vitamin D, a soft and fluid Summer cardigan. At the end of row 50, I changed my mind, unraveled the whole thing and cast on CopyKat Shawl from Rose instead. It's hard for me to understand myself why I choose one thing and change my mind in the last minute to do the other. I always seem to be indecisive, especially in knitting. But now, when I'm on the third repeat of the body chart for this lovely shawl, I hope I will knit on until it's done. Just hope so!

Night Owl

The postman brought two parcels of yarn to me today with a big smile and let me know that there might be a postal strike at the end of the week. Oh no! I told him I have at least two more parcels expected to come this week from Etsy. He asked what kind of knitting machine I used to knit so much so fast and where did I sell my knits !!!

Dark and Stormy

While taking pictures of these lovely yarn from the Naragansett Dark and Stormy kit on Merino Lite of The Plucky Knitter and Boxwood on MadelineTosh Pashmina (I may knit Vitamin D with these pretty greens), I daydream of decorating my house with boxes of yarn like these, so I can admire and pet them anytime...but then, I will have a very hard time to find space for so many yarn boxes. And I don't think my dear husband will fully agree with the idea. It's not easy to be a knitter who loves yarn too much!



  1. I totally understand you about indecision, and if you start something and it doesn't feel right, it's better to change.
    I found a good way to have my stash displayed, in using small square shelves on my wall. Like a bookshelf, but this one is called a yarnshelf. NO boxes on the floor because my apartment is too small. And to see all those yarns and colors everyday helps me think about what I want to knit next.

  2. ooh, that's a lot of gorgeous yarn!! Sometimes it's so hard to decide what to knit next, I completely agree. It'll come to you!

  3. I love all of the yarn, each color is so beautiful. I hope your other packages arrive safely. I've heard it's a partial postal strike (according to our postie), fingers crossed!!

  4. There is nothing about this post that doesn't make me happy- what blissful yarns!