Saturday, August 27, 2011

Small Happiness

I got up this morning to see the room filled with sunshine, so bright. Open the window, my shadow was so huge on the wall...I loved to play with shadows when I was a kid. You did, too?


Love small flowers. They are always so humble, but looked very closely, they are amazingly beautiful in their small way. I see a butterfly smiling at me here. She didn't fly away when I was approaching her...

Butterfly or Flower

And my true happiness of the day is this parcel of Wollmeise yarn, shopped for and sent to me by my friend, Paola, from Germany. We haven't met each other in person, but through conversations and our knitting chats on, it seems like we both understand each other crazy fiber love.

From Germany with Yarn

I don't know what I'm going to knit with these beautiful yarn, but I'm sure I will name one of the projects PAOLA. Such a lovely name. So sweet my yarn angel.


  1. May the sunshine continue:) What a special package with super, special yarns! Lovely shades.

  2. How lovely! Ive been itching to try this yarn too, but Germany is a long way to travel to on a yarn crawl, even for me.
    Michelle (pinkrosecottage)