Monday, September 26, 2011

Sea to Sky

I promise you that I stil knit. I'm working on three shawls alternately , but I can't name them now. For some reasons, every piece that I boasted about in the past never got to see its final day. Never. It must be a curse..
I can sit all day to knit, but it's not healthy that way. While away from yarn and needles, I accidentally tumbled upon some gorgeous google pictures of homemade soap...and that was the beginning of another obsession...Oh soap! I always love soap...if I can only make my own soap...And I have tried. This is my second one.

Sea to Sky Goat Milk Soap

I even thought of a name for it, "Sea to Sky Goat Milk Soap".It smells like fresh kiwi.I still miss sunny days of summer has just passed.

Sea to Sky Goat Milk Soap

I don't mind to hand wash my sweaters and shawls from now on, I guess.


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