Thursday, October 29, 2009

Colors of Fall

As to many knitters, Fall is my favorite season. It's my favorite season of all time, even before I became a knitter.
I love the colors of Fall.
I found this lonely but beautiful little leaf by the gate of my side yard this morning. I'm going to immortalize it here, my lonely lovely little leaf...

Maybe, just maybe, one day I will be able to hand dye some yarns in any of these gorgeous colors.

But for now, I'm just petting these yummy skeins of yarns that just arrived today.
It's so weird that my parcels of ordered on line yarn always arrive on my day off from work.
Can you tell what they are: MadelineTosh Prairie Tart ( yes, it's Tart), Posh Elinor Primavera and Posh Helena Goldilocks. They are all lace weight yarns. What the heck I'm going to knit with these lace weight yarn !
Well, I don't really believe in coincidence. There must be a reason that quite a few colorful ...good things happened to me today. Maybe I should go...knit.

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