Sunday, November 01, 2009

Dream of Spring Already

I can't believe today is the first day of November already.
Where has time gone?
I'm not mourning for lost time here.
I actually can't wait to see time fly faster so we can be on our first family cruise trip EVER to Hawaii next Spring.
I plan to knit quite a few lighter and brighter pieces for me and Sarah and maybe for Kim, too, to wear on our cruise.
Caribbean Tamzin is my first one.
It's also the first time ever I work with Sundara yarn. I love to have more of her yarns to knit.

I love this colorway. It's Caribbean in fingering silky merino for July/ 2009
I fell in love with the pleated neck in this pattern. It's so sweet and so easy to knit.
I stitch pattern on the body is simple but interesting. I want to knit more Tamzin.
Thank you Katya for writing such a smart pattern.


  1. The colour is spectacular, perfect partner for that pattern. Beautiful. :)

  2. i almost miss this post - i m reading back your lovely knits.

    this is very beautiful !! you can knit again with those lovely hand dye yarn that u have lately.

    i have bookmarked this pattern and yours too. hoping one day i can knit this.

  3. Jackie, you will enjoy knitting and wearing this lovely top, I'm sure.