Sunday, November 01, 2009

Kim's Hand Carved Wax Ring

My husband, Kim, is a goldsmith and a very good one, too.
For a custom made ring, he carved this wax ring model by hand. The ring, later, was cast in 18Kt white gold and set with one pear shaped diamond in the centre of the flower.
I don't really care for any diamond. They have no color, no fun to look at at all.
I love the color of this wax and the calla lily pattern on the ring.
I want to knit a sweater with yarn in this color and use a pattern that has some calla lily design like this.
Maybe, I should start learning to dye yarn and writing pattern for my own sweater.
Will that make me his ...uh...copycat.


  1. Oh, it's beautiful, I could wear it like that!
    So much talent in one family!
    xo Ulrika

  2. Wow, what a talented pair you are. Using the wax ring as inspiration for knits makes perfect sense.

  3. Ulrika, do you really want to wear a wax ring. There is blue colored one, too!