Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Know I'm Crazy

And I know I can't sleep tonight if I don't take these photos and blog about my newest hand-dyed yarn, Silver Lilac.
The colors came out exactly how I pictured them in my imagination, light mauve of Japanese tree-lilac with gorgeous sheen of silvery gray.
This gorgeous fingering superwash silk and merino yarn is my dreamed yarn to knit and to hand dye. It so soft, so warm, quite drapery but light weight. And I love how silk and merino drink up dyes in their own way, then move each other and together in a beautiful dance. I must have watched too much Dancing with the Stars.
I love these Silver Lilac so much I think I will go to bed with them tonight!


  1. So beautiful Leila, very well done!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Oh, I wish I could have some too. If you get bored of it and it needs a new home... me, me, me!

    I really like your new blog look too. :)

  3. Hey Mommmm, Remember you got them all tangled up and spent hours untangling them inch by inch?! I still say you should have taken a picture. Hahahahaha~

  4. Thank you, Evelyn and Renee. I promise one day when I'm more confident on my yarn dyeing skill, I will send my yarns to you as gift, dear friends. Your sweet comments make me feel like I've done something good here.

    Sarah, I regret that I didn't listen to you to take some photos of my yarn mess. Then, I would have a very interesting story to blog ^_^