Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pink Noodles

I was thinking about a very sweet pink to dye two skeins of silky merino yarn and to knit a super lady-like cardigan for Sarah.
" Pink noodles!!!" Sarah exclaimed seeing me straining the yarn with chopsticks.
She only thought about food!
The whole process took only 30 minutes. I used one half of a teaspoon of Country Classics "Strawberry" for two 100 gram skeins of yarn, with just enough water to cover both of them in a lukewarm dye bath. It took only 10 minutes for the dye to exhaust and another 10 minutes to rinse the yarn It will take more than a few hours for them to dry. I can wait, I'm sure. Good night, my lovely noodles!


  1. This pink is so much fun! I really like your brown and purple combo up further in today's posts, very chic.