Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Colorful Overcast Saturday Morning

It's an overcast Saturday morning. I don't mind. I've got perfect lighting in my little corner next to the window to take these pictures of my newly harvested crop of yarn.

Now, where's in the world I can find time to knit using these gorgeous yarns if I keep spending all my Saturday morning petting and fondling and drooling over them like this. It's really crazy!

Saturday Yarn

From Orange Flower:

Sail Away Twist Sock

sail away

Purple Haze Twist Sock

purple haze

Mayan Gold Twist Sock

mayan gold

From Squoosh Fibre Art

Fig Preserves Ultra Sock

fig preserves

Ochre Rapture


From Madeline Tosh

Fragrant Tosh Sock



  1. oh, Fig Preserves Ultra Sock is making me want to pick it off my screen and knit it up!

  2. ....WOW ! LOVE LOVE LOVE !!