Sunday, July 04, 2010

Pogona in Mayan Gold

It’s still very gloomy the weather we’re having here in Vancouver. It feels like Autumn. I want to knit something for Fall. I want to be ready.
It seems like we don’t have Summer this year. Maybe if I keep cursing the weather like this, Summer with heat wave days will come back in full vengeance.
Anyway, I’m so excited to start Pogona today using my favorite skein of Orange Flower Twist Sock yarn: Mayan Gold. I always love Sketchbook’s hand dyed yarn. There’s something poetic about her work. One skein for one colorway at a time, most of the times.

mayan gold

This will be my first shawl ever I try to knit and I chose Westknits Pogona for its simplicity and gorgeous drape. I have been following and admiring Stephen West knits since the first day I signed up with Ravelry. He’s one truly talented and original young artist. I wonder if he sketches his knitting design while dancing, too.
I never posted about my WIP project before because I could not stand the stress of looking at my sleeping pieces. But I did this time, I need a good pressure to push me forward in finishing this lovely shawl in time for Fall.


The photo is my laptop screen that is divided into two, so that I can read the pattern and watch my favorite drama ” Cinderella’s Sister” at the same time. Can you read the subtitle: “If he doesn’t return, he won’t have to leave again…” !!!
My goal is to finish both of them at the same time. Wish me luck!


  1. I was wondering who bought the Mayan Gold! It was gone from the Orangeflower shop so quickly. Well at least it's going to be knit up into a Pogona. Good luck!

  2. wow, the colour is amazing!! that shawl is going to be super incredible.

  3. Your strong words to the weatherman really helped - hello Heatwave!!!! This shawl is going to look so beautiful, the colors are amazing! Cinderella's Sister...I have to check that one out. I watch TV shows while I knit too - makes those purls pass by quickly, eh:)