Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kathy's Song


The last time I came to visit Kathy at St. Michael's Hospice with Sandy and Renuka, Kathy was the one who did the talking most of the time. She even borrowed my cell phone to talk with Kim, my husband, to tell him not to worry so much at work. She was very sick and tired but she was the one who comforted us with her loving and encouraging words of wisdom, as always. She never lost her sense of humour telling us that she was jealous with us who still had body fat while she lost hers. She talked a great deal about her family, especially her dearest grand daughter. That was when I saw tears in her eyes. When we were leaving, she tried to walk us to the door without using her cane. That's our Kathy, always beautiful, gentle, loving, proud and strong to her last day. I turned my head to see her walking back to her room, silently I promised her I would not be so sad even if that was the last time I talked with Kathy. Because every time I feel sad, I know Kathy will be right here to comfort me with her kind words: " Don't worry, Leila, everything will be fine!". Because everytime I feel sad, I will hold Michael, the 21 years old teddy bear, Kathy's first gift to my daughter, Sarah, and feel Kathy's warm hugs again.


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  2. Losing someone dear is the hardest thing and words of comfort will never suffice to replace the void left behind. Kathy's gift to you is all the sweet memories you have of her. Take care.

  3. I was very touched by your words. I thank God every day for keeping my family healthy and safe. I am very sorry for your lose. One day your will meet again... God bless