Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Solitude

I never put my needles away. Never stop knitting. Even in summer.
How can I rest my fingers while pretty yarn keeps arriving at my door...
These are two skeins of Backroads on Madeline Tosh Pastoral. So pretty. So happy the colors.


I will be happily going out to play, of course, on an evening like this, with friends and family.

Sunset on Spanish Banks

And I still prefer to sit alone by my pots of mini roses on the patio with yarn and needles any time I can have some free minutes to enjoy my happy solitude.
While knitting you never feel lonely.

Summer Rose

Keep cool and knit on, all summer, knitters!



  1. Oh, what a lovely Aria Delicato you've knit. I love love love the green. An inspired choice!

  2. i'am so agree with you. I need to knit to be alone while my child turn around me. But when i'm really alone, i'm not, with my yarn and my needles.
    you are so right !

  3. So beautiful, the finished scarf and the sunset. When you are knitting, you are truly never alone - I agree completely:)