Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Knitter's Love Potion

Laurence and I have not met in person. We send messages to each other to comment on our newly finished knitting projects which we posted on ravelry or just to talk about small things in our lives, hers in France, mine in Canada. This message from her in my raverly box this morning just moved me so much I did cry, tears of appreciation.

"From laulo

Sent at 12:50 PM Today
Hi Leila,
It must be hard to not knitting because of your tendinitis! I don’t know the treatment that your doctor prescribed to you but if you want to decrease the pain and the inflammation with natural medicines you can try this potion ( we made it in our pharmacy and people were quickly relieved):
essential oil of:
- gaulterie 2ml
-eucalyptus citriodora 2ml
-lavandula burnatii 2ml
-mentha piperita 1ml
in 15ml of vegetal oil of arnica.
Apply a few drops of this potion on your wrist 4 times a day and massage.
This potion is “natural” without the side effects of oral anti inflammatory.
And if you really want to knit, I know that there are square needles.They allow to knit without pain when wrists are fragile.
I wish you a speedy recovery and a lovely week.
Take care,

Thank you so much, Laurence. For you, with your too busy a schedule while holding a very important full time job and taking care of two young kids that you can only find time to knit at night, to spend your precious time to give me advice and a prescription of natural medicine ( because you know I love homemade stuff) for my hurt wrists, you give me more than the medicine, you give me love, you give me support. My wrists will be stronger soon, I'm sure. But the more important thing I've discovered, the love of knitting has brought me wonderful friendship from many knitters all over the world who have been with ravelry. And because I know many of us, knitters, have suffered this occupational pain for knitting too much, I think it's just right to share Laurence's loving potion with you. Take care of your hands, knitters, so that you can keep on knitting, keep the loving threads of yarn continue to make wonderful loops of love never ever end.


  1. What a thoughtful email! Knitting definitely brings many people together. Take care of your wrists:)

    I will definitely make a bottle of this potion and keep it ready to be used when I feel the slightest tinge of pain in my wrists. Thank you so much for sharing xx

  2. Thank you for sharing. I've also found that knitters form a generous and supportive community and I'm lucky to have found this out in addition to the love of knitting!